Under the rim trail

Trail location: Bryce Canyon National Park
Trail length: 5,63km
Trail Altitude: 319m
Duration: 1:11h

Bryce Canyon Under the rim trail

Hiked on: Sep 11 2019
The Under the rim trail is a really nice hiking trail in Bryce Canyon. The hiking trail takes you all the way from the top of Bryce to the lower rim of the Canyon. Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete the entire hiking trail so Bryce Canyon Hat Shop was my endpoint. The full hike takes about 4 hours. 

Spots in Under the rim trail

Bryce Canyon Hat Shop

I hiked until Bryce Canyon Hat Shop which has an amazing view. From Bryce Canyon Hat Shop you see the iconic landscape of Bryce from the bottom. 

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Wilderness Area

When hiking the under the rim trail in Bryce, you will cross a sign which says: Bryce Canyon Wilderness Area. From there on, you enter a quit and peaceful landscape. The only sound you hear is a creek flowing.