Hello World! Join me on a hike!

Written by  Jens  on 26-05-2020
Hello World! Join me on a hike!

About me

Hello World! Let me just quickly introduce myself. My name is Jens, I am a fanatic hiker based in The Netherlands. 

The last couple of years I did a lot of hiking here in Europe, but also in the USA. A lot of those hikes I did by myself. I really enjoy going hiking alone and I want to encourage people to do the same.

In my free time I love to go out for a hike. As I said I live in The Netherlands, here in Holland we have a lot of nice hiking trails. The part where I live is called the Veluwe. The Veluwe is an area rich of forest which makes it perfect for a nice walk. 

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On this blog you will find a lot of content related to my hikes. Videos of my hikes can be found on my Youtube Channel.
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